Greendix Develops First Leaf-Shaped Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greendix Develops First Leaf-Shaped Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels

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We all know that solar panels are at the forefront of green energy technology, but they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. Aiming to solve that issue, Greendix, a custom solar panel supplier, has created what it claims is the first leaf-shaped PV crystalline silicon solar panel. And the company isn’t stopping there – they claim that their new technique could make PV panels in all different shapes and sizes.
green design, solar power, solar panels, greendix, silicon, pv
The panel, which will be distributed by Sonelis Technologies, can be manufactured in a variety of colors. In a statement, Greendix president Joseph Lin noted, “One of the goals of my team was to take an existing technology, like solar panels, and revolutionize it so that it can seamlessly merge with our surroundings.”
Lin imagines that his leaf-shaped panels could one day populate entire solar forests. And who knows–since the leaves can be produced in multiple colors, those energy-generating forests might look a little psychedelic, too.

China Building “Biggest Solar Energy Production Base” in the World

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Construction is in the works for what China is calling “The Biggest Solar Energy Production Base in the Whole World,” or more simply, Solar Valley. The base will be a clean energy technology hub that China hopes will rival Silicon Valley in California. The ambitious plans for the park were launched by Himin Solar Energy, whose headquarters is located at the Sun-Moon Mansion, which is currently the largest solar powered office building in the world. The planned development outside of Dezhou, China is expected to cost $740 million and accommodate 100 tenants.
Himin Solar Energy, started by Huang Ming, the ‘Sun King’ of China, is already the main tenant of Solar Valley and their large office building is completely powered by the sun. He has very ambitious goals about making Solar Valley a reality, and has already attracted about 100 companies, and spawned factories as well as a research center. The hope is that this clean energy epicenter will help propel China’s development of renewable energy technology and installation.
Solar Valley is located just outside of Dezhou, which is making some progress towards in building its reputation as a clean energy city. The city already requires that all new buildings be equipped with solar water heaters of the type made by Huang’s company, and last year they spent $10 million to install solar lighting along miles of road. Chiel Boonstra, a Dutch architect who heads up the International Solar Cities Congress, says that Dezhou “will be a new center of gravity for renewable technologies.” It’s just a shame that rural farmers are being relocated into block apartments in the city to make way for the grand new development.

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