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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soda can Bra

Gisele's dress made of water for Dolce & Gabbana

lady gaga's cigarette glasses

woven video tape dress

cabbage and kale dress

dress made out of hair - recycled blond hair

american express gold card dress

money dress 

junk mail dress

beach glass dress

    This 1950's dress made out of plastic grocery bags knit by Cathy Kasdan for her thesis project at Kent State University's Textile Department. Cathy says: "The dress is all hand knit from grocery bags that were the result of actual trips to the grocery store. As soon as I told people I could use their old bags for a project they brought them in by the bag full, I received thousands! The plastic grocery bag came about in the 1950's along with futuristic optimisim about America, so I made a "typical" 1950's ensemble complete with pillbox hat and purse, not pictured."

Gary Harvey is the creator of some of these incredible dresses

bottlecap necklace

evening gown made out of M&Ms

I doubt this one is wearable but it is so bitchen- broken delft saucers and plates

laundry bags reused as a dress

this dress is made from plastic grocery bags- I think it is kind of lame but I hate those bags even more, so any use is worth looking at.

pulltab tops and can bottoms

fatigue dress

denim dress

caprisun dress

newspaper dress

trash bag evening gowns

water bottle mohawk

bicycle tires
multicolored trash

tab can bra

Jamie Kuli McIntosh made this ball gown out of the blue plastic protective covering that comes on sheets of plexiglass. The corset underneath is made of 225 mustard packets.Wow! Read all about it on her blog, Twisted Textiles.
phone cord wig
phone book dress
newspaper dress
trash bag dress

this corset is made from old chinos - the kind with the pleated fronts

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