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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breathtaking Shipping Container Studio in San Antonio

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We’re green with envy over this beautiful shipping container studio in San Antonio designed by Texas architect Jim Poteet. Painted a deep blue, the 40′ shipping container was transformed into a gorgeous backyard retreat, complete with a living green roof, composting toilet, rainwater collection and eco friendly finishes. The studio retreat also features floor-to-ceiling windows cut out of the container, blown-in insulation, and bamboo floors and walls. Dwell has the full scoop on the container as well as a ton of gorgeous pictures.

Fun PreFab Gym Built from Containers in Just Three Days!

The students of the Dunraven School located in South London are enjoying a huge new prefab gym that took only three days to erect! Designed by architecture firm Scabal as the world’s first gym of its kind, the team of designers carefully chose materials that would provide for a fun and bright environment for the school children to enjoy. And best of all, the school reduced overall costs by a third opting to go prefab over a traditional facility built-on-site. But don’t think being budget conscious came at a cost to the overall program — this dynamic eco-friendly design easily provides for twice the engagement.
The bright building uses a wall of containers to hold changing rooms, storage and offices, while at the core of the box arrangement is a spacious gym floor for the kids to get some serious physical education done. While a stacked arrangement of containers could give way to a behemoth of a building, by using four primary colors, lots of light, and fun details like zigzag cutouts for observation deck, Sacbel easily broke the mass down to a more manageable level that also inspires fun.

The 8,200 square meter building uses a number of green materials, including reused shipping containers and walls of translucent polycarbonate (what is used in green houses) to allow light to pour into the space. The school has a tradition of green building, and the gym is no different, even employing a  rainwater collection system for the campus-wide reclaimed water system.

Recycled Dumpster Pools Unveiled in NYC this Weekend!

sustainable design, recycled materials, dumpster pools, dumpster, 
pool, nyc, new york city, green design
Would you ever go dumpster diving? A whole lot of New York City residents did this weekend, as the city unveiled three unused dumpsters converted into small swimming pools as part of the third annual Summer Streets festival! The dumpster pools were laid out on Park Avenue this weekend for approximately 450 eager swimmers to enjoy.
sustainable design, recycled materials, dumpster pools, dumpster, 
pool, nyc, new york city, green design
Designed by Macro-Sea, each 50,000-pound pool features a layer of felt below 4,600 pounds of chlorinated water. The 8-by-22 pools are slightly on the small side — they only fit 10 people at a time and aren’t deep enough for diving — but they’re good for soaking.
We’d love to see more of these pop-up pools in places that don’t have the space or cash for full-sized versions. Because sometimes it’s just so hot that you’ll swim anywhere — even in a dumpster.



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